Gallery: Vacationing in Avignon, France

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Sitting on a rocky bank of the Rhone River in Provence, France, Avignon is a fortified and walled city that dates back to the Roman Empire. Avignon is a popular destination for travelers for its exquisite dining, charming cobblestone side-streets, and its Gothic architecture.

Avignon -- Map

The History of Avignon, France

Avignon has a rich and reaching history, with the area having been home to tribes stretching back thousands of years. While there is archaeological evidence of Greeks having a settlement in the area, Avignon was truly a product of the roman empire about 2000 years ago — around the time of Christ.


From the year 1309 to 1377, Avignon played host to the papacy while the popes briefly left the Vatican in Rome and ruled the Roman Catholic Church from Avignon. The housing of the popes during this time is what led to the creation of what we now call Old…

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