Vacationing in Oaxaca, Mexico

International Bellhop Travel Magazine


Oaxaca de Juarez, also known as simply Oaxaca (pronounced wah-HAH-ka), is the capital of the state of Oaxaca, located in southern Mexico. A colonial city exploding with color and traditional folk culture, Oaxaca is a party for the senses, encompassing ancient history, a strong indigenous presence, Spanish colonial and gothic architecture, colorful streets, a thriving art and craft scene, and culinary delights unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


The Ruins of Monte Alban

Monte Alban, the former capital city of the Zapotecs, an indigenous tribe, is a popular pre-historic archeological site and was designated a World Heritage Site in 1987. Visitors can walk through, explore and even climb on the ruins. For nature lovers, the Ethnobotanical Garden at the Temple of Santo Domingo gives a glimpse into the wild biological diversity that characterizes the region.


El Mercado de la Comida

The cultural richness of Oaxaca makes it a prime destination for…

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